Monday, August 30, 2010

Agenda for 30/08/2010

Deep Field

In Progress
- Change gui to show the cost, current resources, and projected time to make up the resources and finish the building at current production levels.
In Progress - Add a slider bar to show how much of total income you're willing to put into maintaining a fleet. Edit: Make a full upkeep menu, to break down the info on how much your upkeep costs are and where they're going.
- Make enemy empires send defensive fleets based on danger heatmap.
- Make enemy empires send offensive fleets when they see your planets and they've maxed out their ship production.
- Add different graphics for enemy fleets and stars.

I'm almost done revamping the economy, and I *was* almost done enemy empires before. Today I should be able to finish both of those, and then move on to a bit of polishing. Tomorrow I intend to hammer out the basic structure for the combat system. After that, it's level design, between-level progression, and a ton of polish. Deep Field is really starting to come together :).

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