Sunday, August 29, 2010

Agenda for 29/08/2010

Deep Field:

After working with the buildings a bit, I've come up with a superior system, and so I've changed my tasks today to be a complete revamp of the building system, both internally and in the GUI.
- Add per-star scaling for production cost, and food cost when building something. Experiment with linear or exponential progression to determine the best way to go.
- Change gui to show the cost, current resources, and projected time to make up the resources and finish the building at current production levels.
- Add income-based upkeep to all buildings.
- Add income-based upkeep to maximum number of ships, add a slider bar to show how much of total income you're willing to put into maintaining a fleet.

- Switch up the display text for population to show the total instead food.
- Make the food cost of buildings scale independent of the current population level.
- Change all heatmaps to scale from zero to maximum value instead of minimum value to maximum value.
- GUI changes to allow the player to actually see enemy star systems and ships.

This is the first day that I'm seriously updating this blog, now that I've got a twitter user and a facebook page set up as well. I plan on updating this blog any day that I do development, with a post to show what I intend to get done and another post to show what I did get done. Additionally, I'll be recording videos every now and then, which I'll host on youtube and link to here and on my facebook/twitter accounts. I also have accounts on newgrounds and kongregate, which I check relatively often, so if you want to get a hold of me for any reason there are a lot of ways you can do so.

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