Saturday, October 16, 2010

Damn... a whole month slipped by...

...while I stopped updating this blog. My previous estimates proved to be off (by a lot), but I'm still working hard on Deep Field. I've always been told by veteran developers that estimating projects is really tough, and man, were they right. I just... I'm terrible at it. Just terrible. Have to work on that for the future, I think.

Deep Field is in a completely playable state, just bug fixes, minor design changes where I've realized mistakes cropped up, and content. I'm aiming for the end of October, but considering my past timeline failures, I think maybe I'll comment that this is the end of October in 'DogInLake time'.

Additionally, I've decided that keeping track of all the changes I make and updating this blog is a huge amount of effort that doesn't give me much benefit. I'll be updating more frequently, but daily updates will turn into weekly updates.

For this upcoming week, I plan on eliminating all the show stopping bugs that remain, and finishing the content creation for levels, achievements, and long term advancement. Also have ask the guy who offered to do music if he could get some rough stuff put together, so I can get a feel for how it'll fit.

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